About us

Founded back in 2006 by a group of developers and marketers, we are today among the oldest, most mature and well-established companies offering sports betting and casino solutions on the market. Our highly integrated platform serves markets on 4 continents, 87 countries and 28 languages. We cover all sports and events worldwide and we offer the best in class customer support and consulting services.

Turnkey sportsbook software

Our flagship product is our turnkey sports betting platform, which comes with support for all sporting events worldwide as well as a rich selection of betting markets and types of bets. Regardless if your end-users are based in the Americas, Europe, Asia or Australia, the events and markets they are interested in are available on our sportsbook and thanks to our adaptive software, always at a click away. End users can place their bets from their computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones regardless of where they are in the world.

Custom branding

Our platform comes with support for custom UI design themes which are a quick way to get started when in a rush. And thanks to our state of the art content management system we can customize every detail of your website. Starting from domain name and custom logo, and all the way to individual site pages for each language that adapt to users’ profiles, promotional and call-to-action widgets, slideshows, visual effects, animations.



Flexible pricing model

We have always been the industry’s first at something. Today, not only that we don’t ask for an arm and a leg to get started in the online sports betting business but we will also offer the smallest start-up costs in the industry by offering you a custom quote depending on your expected user base, turnover, products of choice and target market. Please contact us to learn more.

Because we have a winning product that does not and cannot fail, and because your success is our success.

We offer an extensive range of gambling products: sportsbook, casino, poker and binary options.

Turnkey Sportsbook Software has a rich history of providing the most cost-effective online gambling solutions in the industry. All our products are tailor-made, based on the operator’s vision and budget with the possibility to scale-up as the business grows. We are renowned for our efficiency and reliability and we will provide upgrades and newer tools as the technology advances without any additional costs.

With our state-of-the-art platform, all products can be implemented as independent applications or integrated with existing systems.

Our solution is almost entirely automated. That means the time and effort requirements to set up, maintain and operate are minimal, leaving more resources for marketing, side business or simply the enjoyable and well funded spare time other jobs or businesses do not allow for.