The best casino software on the market

Whether you are an operator looking to diversify your gambling offer or if you’re just starting up, Turnkey Casino Software is the best casino product on the market in terms of efficiency, stability and safety.

With an attractive cost/benefit ratio, our Casino Software provides a reliable and stable platform with enhanced security against all forms of virtual attacks.

Complex CMS allowing endless branding possibilities

We provide a highly customizable casino solution due to a complex management system incorporated within our platform which grants operators full control over each aspect of the casino starting from the looks of the website to the selection of the casino games.

In addition, operators have full access to upgrades, new content, capabilities and game releases for no additional costs.

Fair play casino games

In order to provide a fair play casino environment and a high degree of randomness for all casino games, Turnkey Casino Software operates with an advanced RNG solution (random number generator) accredited by Swiss company Quantique, using true quantum randomness technology with a high bit rate of 4Mbits/sec up to 16 Mbits/sec.

Support for both real money and crypto-currencies

Turnkey Casino Software supports two gaming variants: virtual money and real money. By offering the possibility for clients to play with virtual money, operators gain access to customer’s data that can be used to create effective marketing strategies.

Bonus and promotions

The Bonus module integrated into Turnkey Casino Software has the function to set the parameters and requirements for different promotions and bonuses which are a crucial tool for attracting and retaining customers.

Payout configuration

Casino Payout Configuration module allows operators to apply certain limits to different events or user accounts or edit payout settings for a particular casino game.