In the last decade, online gambling became one of the most profitable businesses on the web. While opening an online gambling website might not be so difficult, attracting new customers can be a challenge. Sportsbook and casino operators need traffic in order for their online gambling website to become successful. That’s where our advanced affiliate program comes into play.

What is an Affiliate program? – Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing has proved to be the most effective online marketing strategy with the highest ROI (return on investment) ratio.

Our Turnkey Sportsbook affiliate program package provides the following features to online gambling website operators:

  • A wide range of high conversion, creative marketing materials and incentives for attracting and retaining players. All our marketing tools are custom designed:  text links, banners, flash ads and many more;
  • Using cutting edge technology, each one of the marketing tools is tracked through cookies so that operators know which user came from which affiliate and who gets credit for the referral bonus;
  • Operators can choose the percentage credited for every active affiliate referred;
  • Instant commission payments credited directly to user accounts. Users can withdraw their commission using the available payment methods offered by the gambling website.
  • Affiliate stats and commissions are displayed in a table and updated on a daily basis;
  • Advanced affiliate backend: where we provide statistics including the number of impressions, clicks, new sign-ups, and more.
  • We provide dedicated affiliate managers to handle all affiliate accounts;
  • 24/7 Customer support through live chat, email or phone;

Perfect integration between users, affiliates and agents

Our company was the first in the industry to offer a native, integrated and complete affiliate program platform.

Until this day, operators worldwide were forced to rely on 3rd party sportsbook affiliate program software that was offered as a separate product by 3rd party companies. Most of these platforms still are archaic monoliths which have been patched and patched over the years to become slow and cumbersome. Integrating such product with the a sportsbook is difficult because the differences in data models are very big and some of these platforms use ridiculously outdated technologies.

Our integrated affiliate program has been built from ground up to work together with our turnkey sportsbook, casino and poker products and offers excellent support for operators willing to promote their business through an affiliate or agent program. Or why not, both at the same time.

And all this while enabling end-users to maintain a singular wallet across all products and a single account as end-user, affiliate or agent, in order to ensure a pleasant and seamless user experience.  Because we do not believe in compromise.